Our highly versatile and Mobile team can tackle most jobs safely and within budget.

Elver Engineering’s overheads are small, primarily as it allows the EA when possible to buy materials with no handling charge. With two qualified employees, a small machine shop and storage facility, the jobs can be completed quickly and cheaply in partnership with the agency.

Both Roger Edney who spent fifteen years installing systems X &AXE electronic exchanges for BT and twelve years as a Data manger for BT, handles pump programming and solar power installations where required, and myself, Glynn Parker a chartered Mechanical Engineer spending many years in the maritime defence industry have been able to satisfactorily develop a number of the EA’s requirements into workable solutions.

Case Studies

Gater’s Mill

High levels of water posed an interesting obstacle for the development and installation of this particular pass. The team’s water skills were more than capable of installing an 11m pass through culverts in a safe and timely manner, linking pump flow to an existing environment agency monitoring station.


Constant Springs

Constant springs presented an interesting diplomatic development where the eel pass had to meet the requirements of not only the Environment Agency but two landowners. Using solar panels in the most concealed and environmentally friendly way and materials that were acceptable to all parties we not only met the requirement but fostered an enjoyable working relationship with all parties.

Constant Springs Video



Elver engineering has the facility to program logo software based system to minimise pump usage and therefore deep cell battery usage, all equipment is fitted in secure casing. The pump is timed to coincide with the movement of the eels, both on daily and annual schedules.